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Organizer caterer
Organizer caterer

The job of Caterer and Reception Organizer

The Caterer/Reception Organizer designs, produces, delivers, sets up and serves meals and buffets for private individuals and companies at various events and receptions.
He or she is responsible for professional, private and public receptions: conventions, trade shows, weddings, anniversaries, cultural and sporting events… More than a chef, he or she organizes and supervises the service, and coordinates the staff. A true one-man band, he ensures quality of service and customer satisfaction.

Butler Academy catering training in Paris, France or abroad

We offer catering professionals training in the culinary arts, as well as in the management of receptions and events (weddings, parties, etc.). Catering training will help chefs, cooks, caterers, patissiers and other professionals to understand the structure of the event catering sector and improve their practices. Whether you’re looking to organize events or improve the quality of cooked dishes, you’ll be able to professionalize your skills through tailor-made training.

What is a reception caterer?

The caterer who organizes receptions has the shoulders of a true conductor. He must respond to each customer’s needs with an answer adapted to the circumstances, including the location, organization, preparation and set-up of the reception. He can also take charge of other elements: theme selection, menu ideas and implementation, service organization, table decoration, music, etc.

The caterer must prepare a variety of hot and cold meals, depending on the type of event, and must do so often in advance for his customers. He buys all the ingredients he needs from his suppliers and manages his stocks as efficiently as possible. He or she is responsible for the cold chain and must be trained in good hygiene practices, as preparations are often made the day before.

Learn how to plan and manage a catering business

Organizing and keeping a budget is a key element that every caterer and organizer must master.

Our trainers are experts in the catering sector. Take advantage of all their experience and skills through our catering training in Paris, France or abroad.



Provide a customized catering service tailored to the customer’s needs.

2490€ INCL. VAT

35 hours 5 days
Content and duration adaptable to in-house needs


Our training courses are designed for a maximum of 12 participants.


Monday 22 April
22 April 2024 10:00 - 26 April 2024 18:00
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module 1 . understand the different events and their characteristics

  • Private: weddings, christenings, birthdays, private parties…
  • General public: cultural or sporting events…
  • Professionals: congresses, conferences, product launches…

module 2 . event management

  • Advise customers and design reception events according to their specific needs
  • Plan the organization and unfolding of the event in time and space
  • Define personnel and equipment requirements
  • Manage ancillary services (room hire, entertainment, etc.)
  • Drafting of the offer and implementation of the protocol according to the specifications
  • Draft and cost the proposal item by item

module 3 .preparing the set-up, protocol and organization of the service

1. Setting up the premises and organizing the service

  • Define service procedures and coordinate organization
  • Manage teams of varying size and composition
  • Distribute activities and instructions among teams and ensure smooth running of service
  • Set up and organize the reception area and services on site
  • Setting up tables, buffets and showcasing gourmet products on the reception site
  1. Serving guests
  • Advise guests on their choice of dishes according to their tastes, and serve them
  • Adapt to the diversity of customers and guests and the multitude of events
  • Advise customers on the choice of wine to match their meal
  • Serve food and wine.

module 4. apply administrative and quality management

  • Personnel management and social data (permanent contracts, extras, etc.)
  • Certifications and quality management (ISO 9001, 9002 standards)
  • Inventory and supply management
  • Monitoring of customer and supplier accounting positions


  • Face-to-face
  • Distance learning available (on request)
  • Registration 1 week in advance

Target audience and prerequisites

  • All audiences
  • Business creator / entrepreneur
  • Caterer/Charcutier
  • Events professional


Teaching methods

Customized training.

Active and participative teaching methods with course application:

  • Setting the scene
  • Indoor quiz
  • Case studies
  • Training support documents projected in the classroom
  • Access to a digital space dedicated to training

Certification validation

  • Assessment of skills by MCQ
  • How to obtain the “Butler Academy” internal certificate: 70% of answers must be correct to validate the certificate.
  • At the end of the training, a certificate will be given to the beneficiaries specifying the nature, knowledge and duration of the training.

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The trainers

Sarah Z. : Handicap Referent

Tel: 07 68 44 27 23 / 01 88 61 78 95


Sarah welcomes and accompanies all people with disabilities.

For any request to adapt our training offer, she will be at the heart of the organization and the link with our partners and referents dealing with the subject of disability.

Samuel G. : President

Tel: 01 88 61 78 90


Samuel answers all questions relating to company organization, accounting and suppliers.

Aurélie R. : Training Manager

Tel : 01 88 61 78 95


Aurélie and the training referent for trainees, manages, companies and trainers.

She listens to everyone’s feedback and problems, and makes every effort to propose appropriate content.



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