Expertise and optimization

Quality of Service, know-how… Does your staff get you fully satisfied ?Benefiting our recommandations,
 Simplify and optimize your service staff.

Audit, expertise and optimization: Staff’ Operational management, quality of service, guest care.

why do you need the ability now to make an audit ?

Degradation or poor quality of service gives rise to your instution’s bad reputation or diminished notoriety. A state of reliable and impartial places, done by skilled professionals is needed to identify real issues, but also to include those that have been identified by the management team and/or the operational team.

Audit by Butler Academy

Audits are the most critical element in improving the service’s level in a hotel or restaurant. The results can be considered as the actual basis for a continuous improvement scheme. Butler Academy has substantial experience in France about conducted audit for specific needs.
The methodology applied in our audits is summarized as follows:

  • A preliminary interview with the staff can take into account the views and encountered problems.
  • An on-site audit, conducted by Butler Academy, with the team members’ functions’ identification.
  • Preparation of a comprehensive report on the audit with staff
  • Recommandations on desired actions
  • Once the report issued, Butler Academy works with staff to identify key steps. As an institute of training, Butler Academy provides the opportunity for persons subject to audit to have access to training based on identified needs.

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